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July 20, 2013 | Posted in:Weekend Loans

Payday Loans Weekend Funding

There are times in life when if you are not the rich 1% you may need payday loans weekend funding. As the rich get richer during this age of austerity the poor are getting poorer. Life is more financially challenging for the worst off since the depression of the 1930`s. If you have not got any cash saved for a rainy day it is difficult to deal with a financial emergency. Banks have been putting more obstacles in the way for the least well off to get finance. This has led the rapid growth of the sector known as “payday loans”. Express finance loans have taken away these obstacles. This is so that most people can get money for an emergency.

You can no longer rely on your bank to get money when you need it. Even if you were successful in getting a bank loan the length of time the process takes could be too long. If an immediate money problem that needs solving it will be out of the question to wait two weeks. It is not appealing to have to fill out long application forms and provide all your documents. Payday lenders understand this that is why they changed their process to meet with customer demand. For a few hundred pounds borrowed over a brief time you want it to be as easy as possible. In fact, payday lenders have managed to reduce the time needed to apply and get the cash to less than 10 minutes.

The government have been trying to get the banks to lend for the last few years. This has proved unsuccessful even though the Bank of England has pumped 375 billion pounds into them. The government have put extra money into credit unions to help support the poor. This is too little though as it is millions rather than the billions needed. This leads little options available apart from a weekend funding loan.

In order to get a personal loan from the bank an applicant is required to submit the following documents.

  • 3 months’ payday slips photocopied and the original.
  • Passport copy and will have to see the original or a recent utility bill. This is for the verification of the address for the applicant.
  • Driver license copy and sight of original or ID to verify the identity of the applicant.
  • Mortgage or lease contract for the home of the applicant.

In order to get all the required documentation will take time. If you have not used these documents in a while you may struggle to get your hands on them. When it is a financial emergency you do not want added stress through having to find documentation. This is why the simple process of payday loans is so appealing. You do not have to present any of the above documents. You can also get express loans weekend funding which is something the banks do not offer.

Get instant payday loans with weekend funding to give immediate financial relief?

There is no comparison when you compare express payday loans to banks. The time spent to prepare documents to get a payday loan is minimal. There is no time spent queuing and having to talk with someone. The process can be completed in 10 minutes rather than a couple of weeks. Your money is transferred so that you can access it straight away. Most payday loans are ready to spend within 1 hour. This does not alter when it is the weekend as you can get payday funding any day of the week.

Get weekend funds with an express finance loan.

One thing that you must not do is to think that payday and bank loans are the same. They are not as pay-day loans are short-term cash advances. A personal loan is taken over a number of month and available for larger amounts. If you were to make the mistake of taking a payday loan and tried to pay it back monthly it would be a financial disaster. The high APR stops this form of finance been used for the loan term. They are an alternative for emergency purposes when you need short-term cash.